Synthetic Mica Powder - Pink

100% child labor free mica!

Read below why we choose synthetic mica powder.

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Make your roller extra shiny with these beautiful synthetic mica powders. 100% child labor free and safe to use in, for example, your roller or directly on your skin.

First make a fine blend and finally add a little mica powder. Just shake and roll! The more mica powder you use, the more glitter 🤩

Choosing synthetic mica

Mica powder is a product with many 'grey areas' around child labour in the mines. Unfortunately, many natural mica powders are very easy and widely available and no matter how clear a supplier provides information about the circumstances in which mica is extracted, it remains difficult to determine whether the mica powder in question has actually been obtained in an ethically responsible manner.

We strongly support the use of natural products, but don’t accept child labour. That is why we have decided to switch to synthetic mica, also known as synthetic fluorophlogopite.⁠

This synthetic mica is produced in laboratories and is of a purer quality, which ensures more intense colours, more shine and more glitter! And, more importantly, 100 % child labour free! 🫶

Our supplier supports key organizations in this field, such as Made in a Free World. This organization fights against child labour and slavery, and works with mines to get the children out of the mines and into school.

Learn more about child labour in mica mines

  • Read article by Terre des Hommes: Global Mica mining and the impact on children's rights . Click here .
  • View of 101 East Aljazeera: Behind the Glitter: Mica and Child Mining in India . Click here .
  • Watch from Today NBC News: Children Labor for Pennies Mining Mica in Madagascar . Click here .
  • Content: approx. 2 grams
  • 100% child labour free!
  • Any other (oil) supplies are not included with this product.